PLUGGIN' Creative Lab is an Amsterdam based film production company specializing in films about human communication (or lack of communication...).

We help organizations and companies in communicating with their audience by creating films that tell their story in a visually attractive style.


We regularly receive assignments from  organizations that value a content driven approach like health care organizations, travel agencies and public broadcasters.


Feel free to contact us for information about the possibilities of translating your idea in a compelling video.


Besides our commissioned work we also produce documentaries and fiction films, that can be seen on tv, online and at film festivals worldwide.



Paul Rigter is the driving force behind PLUGGIN' Creative Lab. By creating this company he is able to deliver films that comply to his own high standards and match those of his customers. Within PLUGGIN' Creative Lab he collaborates with a pool of talented and experienced professionals in the film industry.


Feel free to contact us for more information or a quote for your film.

PLUGGIN' Creative Lab