Young Lady Business Academy 2.0


producer, director

social media, several versions 1-8 minutes


Business Woman of the Year Elske Doets inspires young ladies to fulfill their dreams through an intense week full of workshops by power women. The best pitch wins a business trip to New York.

Promotional video Vlisco


creative producer

social media Vlisco, 2 minutes


To celebrate 170 years existence of textile producer and design company Vlisco, Hotel Rebel produced a stunning short film about the power of African women. We were hired as creative producer for Nigeria, Norway and New York during the shooting.

Moodclips Jan Doets America Tours


production, direction

social media Jan Doets, 80x 0.40 minutes


For the largest independent tour operator in the Netherlands for USA and Canada we produced more than 80 short moodclips, each highlighting a destination in USA West or Canada.

Clips are used online, in product presentations and commercials.

Motivational video Jellinek


production, direction

social media Jellinek, 4 minutes, 5x 2.30 minutes


After working together on a film about the intake process at Jellinek, we produced another series of short films for Jellinek. In this film five former clients testify about their addictions and treatments. The concept for the film is based on the Purple Couch film we produced earlier for KWF Kankerbestrijding.

Promotional video Jellinek


production, direction

social media Jellinek, 4 minutes


For addiction treatment organization Jellinek we produced a short film that shows the intake process for first time applicants. The aim is to lower the threshold in seeking help for people who experience problems with their addiction.

Moodfilm fashion brand MariaLux


production, direction (with Hugo Goudswaard)

MariaLux online, 2.30 minutes


Based on a written statement by designer Lilian Driessen we created for her fashion brand MariaLux a short film that highlights her latest collection Until Death Do Us Part. It has been used online and in the marketing campaign for a showcase during the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

testimonial film NPI


production, direction

website NPI, 3x 2.30 minutes


For the restyling of a big mental care organization (Nederlands Psychoanalytisch Instituut) we created three short films that portray former clients and a lead therapist.

promotional film Cancer FIghting Foundation


production, direction

website KWF, 2.40 minutes


For the main cancer fighting foundation in the Netherlands we created the Dutch version of a Purple Couch video, a popular video format that portrays fundraising events called Relay for Life.

Dr Cinema


regular item in a weekly film program

national tv VPRO, 12x 4 minutes


For the weekly tv program we created a regular item called Dr Cinema. Each week a celebrity comments on his or her favorite movie scene.